About Us



(Project Cartogrpaher Modding Team)


PCMT was born out of the need to distinguish ourselves (previous H2MT Members) from the days of old as well as the primary mission. Our goal is to create, improve and foster the entire Halo 2 PC Community.


Everything we do is for the end-user and is completely open sourced for eveyone to learn from. Unlike previous groups of content creators, we believe firmly that EVERYONE should be able to access content in an attempt to teach new generations of map makers and programmers and help to further expand the game base.


WE LOVE HALO 2! Which is why every member dedicates his/her own time to create and release fantastic custom content, gametypes and base game expansions. If you love Halo 2 as much as we do, we would love to chat with you. Join us for our daily bizarre shit talks over on Discord.


Every member is always eager to help and guide those in need. if you have any mapping questions to which you cannot find answers elsewhere, simply drop on over to Discord and ask us, or you can always drop us a PM.